Middle School

Middle school courses include both traditional core academic classes and a variety of multidisciplinary classes. Middle school teachers aim to help students grow from knowing concrete information to integrating abstract concepts. To ensure the comprehensive growth of our students, teachers and parents should partner to strengthen the students' executive functioning skills (the ability to get stuff done), self-control, and interpersonal skills.

High School

High school courses are designed to prepare students for success in college, vocational training opportunities, and adult life. King’s students take the courses required for the Indiana Core 40 diploma, plus Bible, Spanish, and elective courses. King’s also offers several AP and dual credit courses through Ivy Tech so that students can choose to earn college credit while in high school. High school teachers teach from a Biblical perspective, challenging students to interpret the information they learn through a Biblical worldview and to use critical thinking skills to apply what they learn to life in the real world.
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Secondary Supply List