elementary students working at a table

Elementary Supply List


The King's Academy's Elementary consists of Kindergarten through 5th grade.  Our program provides a strong foundation in reading, writing, math, science, and social studies by integrating biblical principles into each area of our learning. We use a variety of standards-based curriculum to help our students grow academically. 

We value helping students develop a Christian worldview through Christian-based curriculum, as well as analyzing information from other sources and curriculum. We value using hands-on activities to help our students learn different concepts in each subject area.  We strive to incorporate Jesus into all subject areas and help to develop our students' character each day. We also do this through weekly chapels and Servant Safari, a service emphasis week each spring. 


The King's Academy offers full day and half day Kindergarten.  Half day kindergarten consists of language arts, reading, Bible and math instruction for students.  Full Day kindergarten offers enrichment in these areas as well as science, social studies, fine arts and physical education. Kindergarten offers hands-on activities to aid in learning through centers, manipulatives and play.